Romantic Asia

Asia is home to some of the world’s oldest cultures, fascinating architecture, beautiful natural landscapes, delicious foods and friendly locals.

When most people think of Asia, China, Japan, Thailand and Hong Kong come to mind. There are many other stunning areas that differ vastly from the large cities that most think about when talking about Asia. Below are some of the most unique areas that make Asia a special corner of the world to visit.

The Maldives

This is a popular tourist destination that is a favorite spot for scuba diving. Stay in a floating bungalow surrounded by nature or a honeymoon suite in a luxury resort, depending on your travel style. Most couples visiting the Maldives start their lovers’ journey in the capital city of Male.
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If you’re looking for romance and luxury, then look no further than Singapore. Top attractions include the botanical gardens, the Sungei Buloh wetland, and the Marina Bay. Plan to spoil yourselves and go shopping while in Singapore and dine on the delectable foods influenced by Indian, Chinese, and Arab flavors.
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Bali, Indonesia

Bali has been one of the most popular destinations of all time. This Indonesian destination has pretty much everything one could ask for: relaxing beaches, wild jungles, and fascinating culture. Make time for an elephant safari and to see the Tirta Empul temple.
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