In this culture where divorce is a common occurrence, just the fact that you made it another year means that you’ve hit a milestone in your marriage. Even if things aren’t perfect or the way you had hoped they would be, staying together for another year deserves a celebration.

Celebrating your anniversary can be a wonderful chance to re-connect as a couple. If life has been crazy and you feel like you can barely come up for air, taking the time to celebrate as a couple can give you a break to connect and communicate with your husband.

Your anniversary is a perfect chance to do that. Especially if you are celebrating your 10th or 15th anniversary – this is a great opportunity to go away for the weekend, or even longer.

You’ll want to plan ahead for this special occasion. Let the team at S i Vacations take the stress and hassle out of planning your anniversary getaway, leaving you more time to relax and enjoy it.

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